Chai Meow Meow: Known as the Best Cat Themed Chai Company in Southern California!

We're finicky chai fanatics on a mission to bring you the best chai tea you've ever had!

There are a lot of decent options out there for chai, but we never found one we really loved.  Sooooooo, we started making our own!  We have an emphasis on deep & rich flavors with lots of spice.

However, we found one very difficult obstacle in making great chai products:  How do you settle on just one or two chai recipes?  There are so many amazing ways to make masala chai, we needed to find a way to make them all!  ...and to offer them all to you.

So, we decided to go full-on 'small batch!'  Basically, this means we make whatever the heck we feel like making at the time.  Sometimes we feel like making authentic/traditional Indian Chai, other times we feel like making Orange Chai, or Vanilla Chai, or a summer blend specifically for Iced Chai.  Sometimes we want the smoothness you get from roasting the cardamom, other times we want the bite you get from unroasted cardamom.  You get what we're saying, right?

We've taken a lot of inspiration from beer breweries.  Beer breweries often have a few core flavors they produce year round, however they also produce a lot of very interesting beer flavors as small runs, or limited editions (Think: Pumpkin ale in the fall, a single batch of Vanilla Porter, etc).  That's what we're doing, but with Chai.  :-)

We hope you love our Chai as much as we do!  And if you don't love it, well, try some from a different batch, it's always different!