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Chai Spiced Brownie Mix! (Organic + Gluten Free) - 1 lb (16 servings)

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NOTE:  WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK, BUT WE DO HAVE SOME ON AMAZON!  Just search for Chai Brownie Mix and you should find it!

Soooo....  You love brownies AND you love chai spice, right?  So do we!  First we make organic & gluten free brownie mix, then we add a hefty amount of chai-spice (cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and a little black pepper).  Note:  We do NOT add tea, we only add the spices that are typically in Chai.  This means the brownies do not have any added caffeine!

The flavor profiles for our brownies are often described as:  chai-tastic, cardamom-riffic, spice-tacular, & choco-spicy-derful.

To make the brownies, you'll need a 9x9 pan, a stick of butter, two eggs, and a little water.  That's it.  (We already added organic Vanilla into the mix!)

Vegans:  These brownies come out just as amazing when you use vegan alternatives to butter and eggs.  No problem!

This is a hand crafted, small-batch chai product!  To make you the best chai tea products, we source our chai spices from organic farms.  We then toast, grind, sift, mix, and seal-up the spices ourselves.  This ensures you get the most fresh and fragrant Chai Tea mixes possible!

Note:  Remember, all our Chai's are small batch / handmade / hand crafted!  To learn more about what this means, head to our FMQs page.