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Matcha Chai Powder- Japanese Green Tea + Indian Spices (60 Servings)

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This powder puts a meowsome spin on a traditional Matcha Tea!  We took our favorite organic Japanese Green Matcha powder and blended it with our classic chai spice blend.  The spices cut the grassy flavor of the Matcha a bit, making it very very smooth, yet a little bit spicy.

When we do public Chai tastings, this is typically our #2 seller, right behind the Classic Blend Chai Powder.

In regards to flavors, this mix is more Matcha-forward than spice-forward.  We know when you drink premium Matcha, you really want to taste the Matcha!  Think of this blend as 'Matcha first, chai-spice second,' whereas some of our other flavors are WAY more spice-forward (such as the Classic Blend and Rooibos Chai).

This is hand crafted, small-batch chai!  To make you the best chai tea, we source our chai spices from organic farms.  We then toast, grind, sift, mix, and seal-up the spices ourselves.  This ensures you get the most fresh and fragrant Chai Tea mix possible!

It's super easy to make!  You can use any typical Matcha preparation method (hot, iced, frothed, blended, etc).  Our favorite is a Matcha Chai Latte.  Simply heat up any milk, add 1-2 scoops Meow Meow Matcha Chai Powder, add some sweetener, stir, and enjoy!  If you have a Matcha frother it's even better, but definitely not required!

Wanna make it more interesting?  Here are some ideas:  Add some vanilla, sweeten your Matcha with honey, put everything in a shaker and drink it iced, bake cookies or pastries with the powder, or try flavored milks like banana cream!

One jar makes ~60 cups.  Really!  That's $0.28 per 8oz cup!  No need to pay $6 for a substandard Matcha drink at Starbucks.

This chai tea powder has caffeine (naturally occurring caffeine, from the Japanese Green Tea).  One scoop of powder contains ~30mg of caffeine and makes a 'regular strength' 8oz cup of Matcha.  If you prefer a caffeine jolt, just make a larger mug and add in more Matcha powder.

Note:  Remember, all our Chai's are small batch / handmade / hand crafted!  To learn more about what this means, head to our FMQs page.