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Rooibos Chai Powder (Decaf Chai) - (60 Servings)

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If you love chai, but need to cut down on all that caffeine, this rooibos chai is for you!

This is our Classic Blend chai, made with rooibos tea instead of black tea.

Rooibos is a delicious alternative to traditional tea. Made from a South African plant, it is naturally non-caffeinated. It’s light, earthy, herbal, and has notes of vanilla and honey! Perfect for chai! Delish! 😻

All organic ingredients: Powdered Rooibos, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper.  That's it!

This is hand crafted, small-batch chai!  To make you the best chai tea, we source our chai spices from organic farms.  We then toast, grind, sift, mix, and seal-up the spices ourselves.  This ensures you get the most fresh and fragrant Chai Tea mix possible!

One jar makes about 60 cups of relatively strong Chai.

You can use any milk.  Our favorites are Almond and Macadamia Nut Milks.  However, it's also great with regular milk milk!

This does not contain caffeine!

Note:  Remember, all our Chai's are small batch / handmade / hand crafted!  To learn more about what this means, head to our FMQs page.